Over the past 3 years, VT-ARC has hosted eight Future Directions workshops for the Office of the Under Secretary of Defense for Research and Engineering’s (OUSD(R&E)) on topics ranging from Quantum Sciences, Photonics, and Synthetic Biology to Computer Vision, Compressive Sensing, and Artificial Intelligence. These workshops gather distinguished academic researchers from around the globe to engage in an interactive dialogue about the promises and challenges of each emerging basic research area and how they could impact future capabilities. Reports from the Future Direction Workshop series capture these discussions and therefore play a vital role in the discussion of basic research priorities. VT-ARC leverages the talents and skills from both the ISAD and SPPD teams to plan and execute each workshop then works closely with the co-chairs to prepare an engaging and informative workshop report. https://basicresearch.defense.gov/Programs/Future-Directions-Workshops/