Our Vision:
To be a leader in innovative technologies that safeguard the nation and advance global welfare.

Innovative technologies​: Our work includes the development of technical and operational approaches that lead to the innovation of technologies with enduring and highly contextual impact.​

Safeguard the nation​: Our roots in national security research remains a foundational element in what we do. However, the US homeland is no longer a sanctuary; the threats within our borders, to US national interests, to our citizenry are now greater than ever. In order to aid in the future safeguarding of our nation, VT-ARC must now broaden the application of our research, focusing also on those innovative technologies that enable US critical infrastructure and key resources to be more resilient. ​

Advance global welfare​: Our identity is defined by our people, our university, and our community. We have passions in achieving impact with our work. Extending those passions to also promote and foster the application of science in the development of commerce, trade, industry, and in the improvement of the human-condition nationally and globally, will also define us.

Virginia Tech Research Center,

Our Mission:
VT-ARC delivers tailored analysis, research, and engineering to address problems of national and global importance. Specializing in forming highly collaborative, trusted partnerships across government, industry, and academia, we enable the critical innovations of tomorrow.

Our Values:

  • Excellence
  • Integrity
  • Collaboration
  • Diversity and Inclusivity
  • Service (Ut Prosim)