Strategic Priorities
& Impact

As VT-ARC moves into the future, in partnership with our collaborators in government, industry and academia, we will use these priorities and objectives to deliver resilient, mission-focused solutions with enduring effect.

Photo of RF equipment, 5G antennas, VR headset, and cell phone.
New Advancements in Communications, Networking & Sensing Systems

Lead the engineering, rapid prototyping, system integration and testing of advanced wireless communications and sensing systems to enable secure, groundbreaking capabilities. 

Photo of Students participating in a STEM camp building electronics
Scientific Discovery & Technology Transition through Collaborative Environments, Analyses, Educational Enrichments & Partnerships

Accelerate and expand the boundaries of scientific discovery and technology transition through collaborative innovations, robust analyses, and effective partnerships. 

Photo of Airmen using radar equipment
Applied Decision Science to Drive Human & Machine Decision Making

Advance human and machine decision making across the global security landscape through applied decision and information sciences and mission centered design. 

Farmer flying a drone of a field of crops
Identify, Incubate & Transform New Concepts & opportunities

Identify, incubate, and transform new opportunities leveraging creative partnerships to achieve impact against VT’s research frontiers and beyond. 

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