Next G Alliance Report "Next G Alliance Report: Al-Native Wireless Networks"

As the features of 5G continue to evolve with advances in wireless communication, it is never too early for the U.S. to think ahead towards the next generation of wireless technologies. That is why VT-ARC is proud to play the key role as the Technical Program Office (TPO) in the continued development of a Roadmap to 6G. As part of this effort, the @Next G Alliance (NGA) recently published two new White Papers entitled “Sustainable 6G Connectivity: A Powerful Means of Doing Good” and “AI Native Wireless Solutions,” which addressing two of the “Six Audacious Goals” on the Roadmap to 6G: 6G Library – Next G Alliance

These two most recent publications reflect months of effort and collaboration among the Next G Alliance working groups, drawing upon the combined expertise of industry, academic, and government members. Academia continues to serve a valuable role in the development of research prioritization and VT-ARC is actively involved in the recruitment of academic institutions. If you are interested in how your advanced wireless research may align to the NextG Alliance initiatives, reach out to our Engineering, Test and Evaluation Division (ETED) for more information.

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